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Proven Arabia is an international holding company for its’ portfolio of corporate brands that offer global solutions. Our brands offer corporate services to assist companies in expanding and investing in the Middle East, predominantly Saudi Arabia, as well as providing support services to companies in the region. Our brands are present in Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, India and Canada.

Who We Are



Proven Arabia offers innovative and bespoke solutions to companies along a spectrum of areas. The services our brands offer span immigration to corporate expansion to digital transformation to recruitment. 



Proven Arabia has specialized knowledge of the Saudi Arabian market and access to the highest quality resources to give our clients a competitive advantage.


Trusted Partners

Through our years in the Saudi Arabian market, Proven Arabia has become a trusted partner for companies in the market. Our comprehensive experience and our dedication to compliance has made us a respected name.


Proven Arabia is continually developing their portfolio by introducing brands developed to address market needs and best serve our clients. We have evolved and adapted over the years to respond to the changes of the market and this has been our competitive advantage. We are agile in an emerging market and this helps our clients operate competitively in the region.


Our Companies

Our portfolio of corporate brands cover a diversified range of activities, spanning across industries and markets.